What clients say about...

7 Day Wellness Reset

Now I find that it is enjoyable to cook for myself and thinking what nutritious food can I put into my stomach. Food can be an emotional journey and I loved the fact that I have empowered myself to cook and eat right. The method of cooking is just as important to the ingredients we choose to cook. I have also realized that I can be creative in cooking healthy food for myself without hassle.

I will recommend this programme to my friends because it is important that we reset our body occasionally. I find that Leanna has been very patient and encouraging with all of us to persevere in our journey of eating right. It is also great that we are allowed to explore ways to be creative with preparing our food. It was also very encouraging that the group we motivated one another to cook better meals for ourselves. This programme also allows me to understand and reflect on how food can impact us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I am thankful that I am given a chance to have a beautiful dance with food. And it has totally changed my perspective about food and my body.

Eleanor N.

Before I came to Wellness Reset I was overweight, and I felt too lazy to eat right for my body. I was curious to how my body can take the change and what I would need to do to prepare myself for it.

I was a little anxious to start this 7 day programme as I wondered what would be the result. I am so thankful that Leanna was there to guide me along on this journey! Her menu plans and recipes were a great help to me in the process. At first, I felt headache and tired during day 2 and 3 but after day 4 started to feel more energized and lighter. I am very glad to incorporate walking into my daily routine. Overall, this is a good course. I did not get a very big change after day 7 but I did manage to lose 2kg through the process. This is really a new start and change for my body! Thank you, Leanna for guiding me along!

Wong Bee Chan 

21 Day Awesome You Programme

I never cook and I never eat green veggies. Going through 21 Awesome You Programme days with Leanna helped me to shift my eating habits a bit. I began to eat more veggies and do some simple meal preps myself.  So, the biggest change that Leanna helped me with is to encourage me to eat more greens. I lost about 3% body fat with the 21days and looking to sustain this and do even better going forward.

Marie Ong

My biggest obstacle was eating irregular meals. I dreaded “dieting” Lucky I had Leanna keeping me on track everyday. She got me to do a journal to track what I was eating. What really helped was the encouragement and enthusiasm during the plan from Leanna. Leanna has been the most amazing person to work with and gave me my life back. I will forever be grateful. What I loved most about working with her is that she made this MY journey. She did not lump me in with a group of other women and men. Everything was tailored to me personally.

Lisel Cheng

It was a torturous start to a wonderful ending... The Awesome you  program was such that one had to eat a lot of veg on a daily basis, together with what started out as torturous workouts but in the end, it was worth it because Leanna helped me make the transition and encouraged me through the process. Couldn’t have done it without her.

Jasper Koh 

I enjoyed working with Leanna on the Awesome You programme. She made the whole process to be enjoyable and something that I looked forward to. This programme has shifted the way I look at food. Leanna has a whole host of valuable information and she is able to finetune it to suit my needs. Very happy with the outcome and will continue with my healthy lifestyle.

Cheryl Koh