During my initial stay in the hospital, a friend gave me a watercolour set. My doctor encouraged me to give it a try. Being sceptical on the type of art I could produce, I was not confident. But eventually I plucked up the courage to give it a try. The initial stage of art I produced was sketchy, patchy , angry with a lot of angst and was sullen.


I realised the joy I saw in peoples’ faces when I presented my art pieces to them as gifts. I feel blessed to be a blessing with my art. And the greatest gift I got back from them was LOVE. As days go by, my art pieces transformed amazingly. It went from painting of small postcards to larger pieces. The biggest one I did was on A4 . Gradually, I changed mediums from watercolour to gouache and then to acrylic. I can say that I am a self-taught artist even though I have an art mentor. He does not tell me how to paint but encourages me to do more and more.Below are some of the Christmas card orders I got during Christmas of 2021.

Below are all paintings gifted out to others around me


As you may already realise, gifting and blessings are a big theme in my whole journey, even to today. That’s why I set up this website, so that I can share more of my art with more people. To me, it’s simply a joy and service to gift people a unique artwork made from the heart. Check out my originals, prints for sale and downloads! Hope it brings you as much joy as it did for me.

Art as Self Therapy

Little did I realise that my art was also one of my coping strategies in dealing with the shocking and sudden change to my lifestyle. As you can see, I had an obsession with hair because at first I couldn’t deal with my beautiful coloured hair dropping.