About Me

Who am I? My story?

It’s about coming back to center.

I am an accidental healthy food enthusiast who discovered the joy of cooking only when my mom fell ill with a rare viral infection. Before that, mom was in charge of the kitchen and did all the cooking. Thankfully she has made a full recovery today. 

When she fell ill, I was suddenly tasked to cook for a household of 6 people, out of which everyone had different eating preferences. My parents craved for fish and foods that were simple on the tastebuds while my teens preferred fried foods and foods that were heavier on the tastebuds.  What resulted was food as wholesome as possible. I experimented and cut out different foods. Replacing unhealthy ingredients with wholesome ones. All while keeping everybody at home happy and satisfied.

I then decided to combine my experimentation with whole foods and different cooking methods with the  different self-care ways that I had come across as a coach and trainer.  The benefits were many. I lost weight, had a rebound of energy, looked more youthful and happy. My 3 teens were happy too as I did not compromise on their eating habits but upgraded the ingredients whenever I could to healthier options. As mentioned, my mom has made a complete recovery but her tastebuds have changed. She finds outside food very often too salty, oily and/or spicy. Mom and I soon discovered that we both had a love for healthy and low glycaemic index foods. Which is steamed fish, salad and other delightful foods that are healthy but not sinful.

The outcome?

I realised how precious life is and wanted to spend my time educating people on living happy and fulfilled lives through diet and lifestyle changes. Wellness is something that none of us should take for granted. I specialize in welless reset, clean eating, lifestyle reset, fitness, mindset training, self love, real life practical solutions, goal setting and customization. 

My passion is especially helping women out there who may be shouldering multiple roles.  That of a mother, daughter, friend, colleague, boss, and so much more. 

Why? Because through women, I get to impact the whole family!

I help you with your diet and lifestyle. Especially if you live with family and sometimes it may be hard to accommodate all the different eating preferences.  I help you define your wellness goals, mission and direction with how you want to feel at the end of the day. The outcome is something in alignment with your core desires and values.

Be someone that you love to be physically, emotionally, mentally and holistically.

 Why? My mottos:

It’s not about getting to the next mountain to climb but enjoying your milestones or little footsteps as they happen, even the not so nice moments because they make those ah-ha moments all the more precious.

New practices are good, but they have to be practical and fit into your life. I focus on helping you find what works for you in YOUR LIFE. 

Listen to your body! Let’s face it. Diets do not work! I believe in eating a good clean diet based on what your body needs AND also in alignment of your current lifestyle and where you want to go in the long run. This will fuel not only your body but also your mind, and everything else will follow from there.