Happy TGIF Everyone!

It is a blessing to be able to eat. Do you agree with me?

Before I was sick with #acutemyeloidleukemia I was pretty much the #queenofmealprep and I coached people on how to eat a healthy diet. Especially people who wanted to lose weight. Actually it is still my opinion that EVERYBODY wants to lose weight. Am I right?

Anyway, today I wanted to show you what I eat nowadays. I am on a #neutrophenicdiet

What is that? It is for people with weakened immune systems. It also means it’s “dead” or fully cooked so sometimes actually not a lot of nutrients left. 😂 So neutropenic also means nothing half cooked.

No runny yolk. No salads… it could cause diarrhoea or fever just in case there’s bacteria that the body couldn’t take at that time. No yakult, honey or live whatever of any form.

Also no fruits in the pomelo family, and only thick skinned fruits like beautiful bananas (no brown spots outside) oranges and dragon fruit.

Other types of cancer have other concerns but sometimes not a weakened immune system… so it’s different. 

I am blessed that many people want to feed me and buy me snacks. I use biscuits and wafers in my oats in hospital to compensate for the no honey rule. 

I also think I am quite disciplined because of my profession. I have no problem following dietary rules and I am able to control my cravings. If you look at my breakfast below it is still pretty healthy. Got veggies in the morning. Well cooked ones!

The trouble starts if and when I lose my appetite or when my tastebuds change...fingers crossed!

So what are you eating today? Do share? Happy Weekend Peeps!

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