Update - I have since been discharged from my 3rd hospital stay and am writing this from home as we speak...I survived chemo no 3 with all of me intact!  

I love this farewell pic of me and the nurses and counter staff who were on duty this morning! I love you all!



Don't worry ... It's not just about you ok? Relax...


1. He who gave me a new name

So apparently I recovered from round 3 of chemo rather fast and ahead of schedule...

he who gave me a new name compared me to Wolverine...mind you...not Mystique from the X Men but Wolverine. It took me awhile to register why Wolverine. Ah so it is because I regenerate fast? I am a bit apprehensive because I don't know if this is good or bad. Anyway I will take it as a compliment. 

Lucky he who gave me a new name's skillset for work does not include references to Superhero movies! 

To his credit he's like Flash or Gone with the Wind! Very fast in action. Sometimes come and go in under 5 minutes? Haha....I think he likes to be under the radar and not the center of attention too.

2. He who has a loud voice

Usually when you think of nurses you think of the female version yes? 

The ward which I am in is usually very quiet...so quiet that I have plenty of time to sit in silence and hear my inner voice. But I know when he who has a loud voice is on duty because I can sometimes hear his voice from my room. 😊

He who has a loud voice is cheerful and nice to talk to...I like that he is direct and to the point. I must have observed correctly, as the uncle who came to take my bags refered to him Pacquiao...so like the boxer. He is not afraid to stand up from his rights - including shouting back at people over the phone if he is not in the wrong! Good....I like....

He also struck me as a loving father. He mentioned his boys with pride to me several times ❤️

I saved the best for last! 😊

3. He who is very serious

But actually he who is very serious is actually very sweet and funny!

He's like the dark horse/unicorn 🦄 of my whole entire 3 hospital stays because he was always so silent from the very start. Just very to the point in what he does which adds to his speed in doing his work, which is to his credit. 👍🏼

Voice very serious... "ok mamm ...so tomorrow morning I will just take your blood" or "mamm...do you want your sleeping pill?" 

Always very polite too.

The myth was shattered last night. He who is very serious was on night duty.  I decided to talk to him. So it turns out he is really just very shy. So it's not because he's cold or anything...he is actually a very nice person ❤️

Yes I remember he turned red when I gave him his Christmas postcard! I am sure he will turn red reading this too!

I have secret photo of He who is very serious ... hard at work. Not showing that photo to protect his identity! Haha...

Remember...one of the 3 said - BORING IS GOOD....

Guess who said it?

So that's it for today.

TO THE 3 HE WHOs ...

Let's give them some encouragement in the comments below? 

They need to see....

Anyway do you think men are more fragile than women? Or do we all require praise and affirmation? 

Comment below ya? Thank you!















Love the way you share your journey. Lucky you to have these 3 WHO guys entertain you in the journey. 😜


Nice one👍👏🤗

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