I made this painting while staying at Mount Elizabeth Novena. I was in for a stem cell infusion up as my white blood count kept dropping post transplant. Even after the infusion, my white blood count still did not go up despite having daily white blood boosters. Finally my Doctor did a bone marrow aspiration to see what is going on inside. So in layman terms, it's like a pacman game where the ghosts ate up all the dots. In my case dots are my brother's stem cells.  Sorry for my poor explanation. But I was told this is the time I can do whatever I want and please.

This painting was done in response to the bad news that was delivered to me. Does it look angry? It was. Some say it's beautiful. My art always goes a level up when I am faced with adversity. Beautiful isn't it? Art is my therapy.

But remember in pacman you have a few lives. So similarly, so do I. That's in terms of the course of treatment which brings me to why

GOD is GOOD to ME, ALL of the TIME.

God gave me angels to support me through my fight against AML

Firstly my stellar medical team of doctors and nurses. May God grant then the wisdom to continue to make wise decisions. Thank you. 

My circle of family and friends, You know who you are, Plus my rabbits. Have you heard of video call pet therapy? It does wonders for me. Heehee. 

The Gifts

He also gave me wisdom, calmness, resolution, creativity, a sense of humour and so much more. To say that I am so much more than the bad things that happen to me is really an understatement. 

He gifted me with the talent for art

I only picked up watercolour seriously when was diagnosed with AML. Since then my art work has brought joy and laughter to many people around me. I can see what a positive effect it has to me and those around me. Since then I have ventured into gouache too. All self taught. 

God never gives you what you cannot bear and he will also give you the way out

I will say that this round of hospitalisation stay the worst thing ever was the thrombosed hemorrhoid. Walking, sitting, peeing and pooing were painful. Talk about a pain in the butt ya? The solution? Eventually I was put on iv antibiotics which as I speak is helping with it. 

God gave me armour.

Not a physical armour but a spiritual armour to put on to do battle with the enemy, Much like a physical battle where you suit up, I realign my mindset, dig deep into my faith, trust in God, trust in God's word and ways and know that he has something better in store for me. Sure on some days it is really hard. But ultimately I know that God is with me every step of the way.

There comes a point in the journey where I decide to level up or go all in. Like I put on new armour to fight. It was similar the 1st time I was diagnosed. It took me slightly less that 2 weeks after the rediagnosis to muster a mental and emotional response. I put behind the disapointment, the what is wrong with me response, the why me response, the how will my children survive without me worry. Now I raise my energetic vibrations a few levels up and focus ahead.

That seems to be how I am. But once I decide I am unstoppable

Click on this link to my IG  to see my artistic album collection done in an art level up moment when my Dr told me the bad news that I needed a stem cell top up because I had secondary graft rejection. 

PS: Please do not ask me for any details or questions at this point in time. I have none for you. Haha





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Thank you, Leanna, for another beautiful piece, including the painting! So touched by your sharing … always pointing to God’s love and faithfulness despite the pain you are going through. Praying on for you, Hugs! 💖

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