This Must Be Love was just the title of the song that I did a short tiktok dance to. But really, it's how I feel these days. 

To bring all of you up to speed, I was readmitted last week Monday for a scheduled bone marrow transplant that happened on 8th March. 

Really have to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and concern for me so far! I apologise thatI have not been able to get to each and every one of you yet. Am so so sorry if I have not been able to reply your messages in a timely manner. Am at the moment taking things easy. Kind of ironic for a self professed workaholic to say!

I think my brain is still coming up to speed on all the bodily changes so far. LOL!

If there is one thing being sick can do, it's to make bygones bygones like there is no tomorrow. I even had ex-boss from not so long ago wishing me well and wanting to meet me. My heart is full and so touched!

So there are 2 videos I wanted to show you. Firstly it's a get well video compilation from Gleneagles staff to me. Including my fave kitchen aunty and cleaner! So very special and definately made my day.

Secondly, there is my dance video. Yes again.  Love you all deep deep lah!

It's important to celebrate every small win that I get. Afterall, life is short yes?

I am sure there will be a more profound blog on what all this really means to me, having recieved the bone marrow stem cells from my brother no less...but for the moment this is all I have for you. LOL.

My brain is still processing! Enjoy though!

I dance well yes? More dance videos? Haha! 



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