Spending too much time on your insecurities?

Food for thought 🌈 

Are you spending too much time dwelling on your insecurities and flaws rather than celebrating who you are and how far you have come? I have many clients, who are not aware that they do this. Many of them are leaders in their own right, in their respective fields. Even the CEO’s of the home aka homemakers too. Every woman is awesome in their own right and come with a whole host of skills and awesome things that only they can do. 😍

So it really puzzles me to see these amazing women in their own right suddenly body shaming themselves and lamanting on that extra belly fat that they might have on now. 🙄 

Here’s a picture of me last year helping a client do her measurements – pre starting new habits and a new diet. Although I do not like to call it a diet but actually a mindset shift! Do you agree that new habits start in the mind? 💥

Ladies start by thinking how awesome you already are instead of focusing on your flaws! Set the mindset right with positivity, can-do attitude and amazing things will follow suite! ✨ ✨

What do you think? I invite you to comment and share below just how awesome you think you are…Cos you are! Guys are invited too!

Happy week peeps!! ❤️

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