How can accidents be good...?

Some time ago I decided to get watercolour inks to add more variety to my painting processes. Excited to open the packaging, I actually spilt more than half the bottle onto the table before I could even actually use it! Talk about being upset. Lucky this was a cheap buy from shopee at only $4.90 per bottle.

Red-pink ink was literally EVERYWHERE on my table. It wasn't just the visible spillage. It was under the other paints, under my containers and even seeped into the wooden table! I spent the next few days trying to clear the pink from my wooden table!

So me being me, I tried my very best to salvage the paint back into the bottle. I feel like the #starfishstory here - where the little boy goes to pick up starfish one by one and throw them back into the ocean. Every little bit counts! Eventually I stopped. Haha!

With the salvaged paint I was able to come up with this lovely vibrant little piece below. I am very happy with the outcome.

Pink n Yellow Floral Watercolour Ink


So it's the same for me having #acutemyeloidleukemia. Although it does not qualify as an accident but it was and still is a huge #breakintransparency for me and my family. What is a break in transparency? It is when something happens to make you question things as they are. It makes you stop and think hard! (at least in my case)

The Good?

Better communication with the family and the kids aka teens stepping up to do more. The other day I was resting in my room and overheard number 2 and 3 arguing what is the best way to kill a cockroach. Ah...taking things into their own hands instead of disturbing me. Very nice. 

More in sync with myself. Life is truly so interesting.

I used to work really really hard. It's the reason why I have so many awards in my online business? I am a self confessed striver. I strive all the time. I was seriously stressed but never showed it.

My awards below 👇 👇 

Awards galore


Being a single mom raising 3 teens is no joke. People always are shocked to hear how big my kids are and how wonderful it must be because I senang already. Not quite, especially if you consider the financial obgligation part - as I could not rely on my ex. (read in between the lines ya. This is not a bitching session where we talk about who didn't do what) 

Now? I have temporaily paused my business and found art as not only an outlet for my healing and sanity but also started selling my art. I started with postcard sized and eventually moved on to bigger pieces and canvases. The journey has been truly amazing.

Think in terms of massive upgrade in terms of skill sets for me. Writing, blogging, art skill wise and much more...



If you had told me that I would end 2021 with 2 hospital stays and with me selling my art - I would have told you that is crazy and impossible. 2021 was supposed to be MY YEAR. 

In a way, it still was my year. I have never had my worst and best parts of myself all at the same time surfacing like now. Talk about a reintegration of self!

Best of all, I saw that my art brought joy to all who walked into my room. I don't think there was a single person who walked in and didn't like what they saw. The most critical person? Sometimes he has some comments but it's still all good. He just has more traditional taste. I gather he likes conventional art and not abstract art. Hmmmm. It's he who called me Wolverine hahaha. Refer to my earlier blog post to find out who...

Anyway, I leave you with this video of my accident turned beautiful art piece. 👇 

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