So what does a Culinary Nutrition Coach do?

That’s the number one thing that I come across when I tell people what I do

So what do I do?

In a nutshell, I coach people to eat healthy or coach people how to tweak their lifestyle habits. I do this through focusing on food the person is eating as well as look at other lifestyle factors such as medication, habits and sleep.

I run group challenges like my 7 Day Wellness Reset Programme and other online group coaching programs for women – many of whom busy working individuals who have kids and are time strapped.  I help them break free of peer pressure eating, reduce and eliminate processed foods, and teach them to cook nutritious foods from scratch to feel more energetic, balance their hormonessupport gut health, and improve their relationships with food.

My forte is meal prepping. You may ask…what is that? Well, I know it’s not really an Asian concept to prep meals ahead but this is essentially what I do. And I do it through using dried herbs and spices in my kitchen cabinet. Nothing too fancy or complicated. This is something that I teach to all people who come through my course. Think of it as a life skill you acquire that stays with you forever!

You may say, oh dealing with food is something that the information is already out there, all you need to do is just google it. However, if it were so simple to solve our health issues, I think may issues may have already been solved. The other important thing I do for my clients is encourage them when the going gets tough, be their personal cheerleader and be objective when the going gets tough!


Any thoughts on the above? What do you need support for?

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