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We are bombarded by a plethora of information on how to get healthy, lose weight, get more energy on the internet. ⚡️

Eat a nutrient dense diet and consider doing a cleanse or detox every quarter or so. This helps your body be at tip top condition absorbing nutrients that are vital for it to function optimally as well as helping your liver to process those toxins that it needs to –

this used to be my advice for people before I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

It still is

However before you get to the what you eat part

it is vital you master WHAT MAKES YOU WHOLE  first

Yes health is still important but it is no longer about simple weight gain and loss, bloating, emotional eating, stress, hormonal imbalance and sugar addictions! 🍧 at least for me.

Today I want to share 3 tips that helped me through since my diagnosis with AML



    Many times since my diagnosis on 11th Oct, things were not in my control and I had a choice whether I wanted to sulk about things not going my way or deciding to look at things with positivity.

    Lucky, most of the time I choose to see the good in all this that is happening to me.

    For example, this turns out to be a good thing as my kids becomes more “grown up” and the roles sometimes are reversed. Especially in the case of my son. While I was in hospital during the 1st and 2nd rounds, he successfully completed his internship with zero call in sick days. Previous to this, he had a habit of taking MC here and there.



    Build strong boundaries to support the life you want. That is why I thought nothing of cutting off certain contacts in the beginning when I was diagnosed. People who were negative, non-supportive, or had ulterior motives (yes I could tell who) were cut off.

    Surround yourself with your support tribe. I cannot stress how important this is.


    You Are The Average Of The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With – Jim Rohn


    To date, as I approach my transplant date, I again find myself ring fencing myself to include only the people that are meant to be in this season of my life.


    3. DO GOOD

    You may say … but I am sick. Why do I need to go “saviour mode” to other people?

    Isn’t it enough I just focus on getting well?

    Shouldn’t other people be asking how I am instead of the other way around?


    Yes and No.


    Yes – I rarely admit that I am scared. I am aware that mine is a life-threatening illness. Just in case you thought I trivialised and positive effect too much on this - I got the memo the first-time round. I have 2 aunts and 1 cousin who passed due to this illness. I clearly remember when they passed. 


    No – Make it a good experience – again boils down to choice.

    I found this whole entire “I got sick” journey to be one very interesting gifting journey for me.

    I only started watercolour painting late October, early November. I am a self-taught artist. I started selling watercolour postcards in hospital and my pieces just got bigger and bigger. I picked up gouache painting during my 2nd hospital stay, everything self-taught again.

    To the person who told me I can't be a professional artist because to date my biggest art piece is only A3 size ... My reply to him - hospital table very small you know? Besides I am totally capable of doing bigger pieces. They just have to wait till I am home to do.  

    Also to the same person who questioned my inconsistent signature... asking me why sometimes I sign as Leanna and why sometimes I sign LWL? 

    This person is really missing the point!

    I should have told him LWL is when I turn into Wolverine! (Ref to my piece on Wolverine)

    To date I gave out or sold more than 90 Christmas postcards, 28 Chinese New Year Postcards, 1 A3 size canvas, 1 A4 size canvas and 3 A5 sized canvases.  Not to mention those I did in my sketchbook and those countless A4 size paintings given out usually at the end of my hospital stays. You may call it an unloading of paintings that I would have otherwise keep in my drawer at home. All this while undergoing treatment may I add. (Pat on own shoulder!)

    I saw that my art brought much joy to those around me – and in turn this made me very happy to be able to do so. ❤️


    These are my 3 tips for the day  ❤️ Do let me know in the comments what you think of them. Are they relevant to you too? Do share!

    I leave you with a video of one of my latest floral drill practices done in between hospital stays. Yeah I wanna dance with somebody! My painting can dance. Enjoy!

    If you find that we have synergy and you have commissioned art requests, do contact me. I only take in bespoke and unique projects for now.




    I love this, ”LWL is when I turned into Wolverine..”


    I SO agree with you, Leanna, that making the right choice is the way to go…. Many things happen to us in life that is out of our control… what people say to us (the negative words or reactions), the circumstances we find ourselves in such as a serious illness… how we choose to respond to it would make all
    the difference to our mental well being. You have chosen well!! Way to go! 💪

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