❤️  So I just wanted to see if I still got the moves.. ❤️

Many moons ago I used to be a belly dancer. Way before I was hitting the gym. 

After 3 rounds of chemo and 3 lumbar punctures/bone marrow aspirations later...I'm not even sure I am using the right terms lol. Anyway, sometimes you just wanna check if things are still working. It's always work in progress...

My sister in law asked me what on Earth am I doing

What do you think? 💃🏻

But just wanna say

This is really the most real and best version of me. Despite forgetting to suck in my tummy (yes teacher always reminds me of this last time..that and not forgetting to close your legs daintily Wahahahha!)

Just so you know, I used to have really toned abs. But hey I figured

having some belly fat is good. Thank God for that when you realise that white blood boosters are given through injection at the tummy area! Think more fats...more buffer ... less pain? Ouch!

There was some compensation with the right and left hand but I am sure no one would even notice. The right goes full circle up whereas the left's range of motion is from side to center only. No going up in the first dance. It's amazing how your brain automatically does this...I think it is called muscle memory!

That's what's in my arm that was covered...doesn't really hurt but need to be careful still...

Line in my arm

❤️  Check out the last song choice. Some Malay Jolet!

I had to ask a friend what the lyrics said. 

It is a sad song that says something like ... I miss you, I love you...

I think that is precisely what I say to my body....I miss those toned muscles but hey...strength, positivity and a can-do attitude are all that matters in my current situation? Yeah...

❤️  So another tick off the bucket list

Wanted to dance before this coming Monday...another small procedure...will definately not be able to dance after that for a few days or a week at least...

Live to fight another day

I still look hot?!

I had 5 seconds of critical thoughts and self embarrasment before I posted these videos...the critical me would say - tummy not tucked in, hands failing out as usual, arms not straight, never smile enough...yes! Are you as critical of yourself?

Then I have compassion for myself

The truth - the back is a bit achy and cannot do those hip movements as well as before. Bet you didn't notice though right? Ah only my teacher would notice lol! But yes, a bit more achy...


My Doctor and I were talking about what kind of exercises I can he never saw this coming. Pretty sure I am the only patient of his that does this....that and the selling of paintings. Only me. Quite sure.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😊

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I loved the positive attitude..send to him..and he will be amazed..and his reaction will be …😲 Really???

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