Friday was a full day of medical tests (mainly heart and lung Tests) pre prep for the readmission next week.

For those of you who do not know, I am scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in early march. So these tests are just to make sure I am medically fit for it.

Quite an energy draining day, considering there was waiting, testing and more waiting before I was done.

Also, there was the unexpected pulling out of my PICC line. That is the line where they administer chemotherapy, give you fluids and draw blood - in my left arm. So my Doctor decides to pull it out because it looked infected. Ouch! (another story for another time!)
Since it is INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY…we all need a little lift right?
Wanted to show you my simple joys of the day. What?

New pair of sunglass
.... yay!

Do you like it too? Think about it - shades filter the way in which we view what we see around us. What would you want to see anyway?
And the conversation with the heart doctor ❤️

HD - It's good to hv a strong mindset like you
Me - How do you know?
HD - I could tell when you walked in. I read your body language. Doctors get their energy from your patients too you know? It's a two way thing...
WOW...DR KOO - 100%! ❤️ 💯
Old school is the best school!

Conclusion - I like this heart doctor

Energy is a two way process. We give it out and we also receive from those around us.

I leave you with this thought. What energy are you emitting today and what energy do you want to receive from those around you?

Would love to hear what you think below!

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Hahaha…Very pretty and cool with your new sunglass, Jia you…Leanna. :) :)

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