Conversation with Jason my cousin yesterday..

Me: After yesterday's healing session where i asked the leader to pray for my bone marrow aspiration site because it was still a bit painful and raised (as in swollen)...today it's not raised anymore and not painful too.  Do u think it was the healing or timing...bcos it was quite a few days alr since the procedure...or both?

Jason: It's the healing

Me the skeptic thinking out loud above! Hey I'm very sure there are many of you just like me who thought this way!

🌿 BACKSTORY - 2 days ago I attended Alpha programme and the topic that day was healing.

Before the session the group leader asked if anyone had anything they would like to be prayed over on. So I texted her and told her I wanted to pray for God's direction for me regarding what he wants me to do going forward, and to pray for improved relationship with my elder 2 children. Also that I wanted to heal the bone marrow aspiration site as it was still a bit sore 😥

During the session where the leader got on stage to pray for everyone in a general healing, I did feel that my back area on both sides were a bit warm but I thought nothing of it. Basically didn't check to see if my back was less painful or anything. But I do remember waking the next morning and the dull ache was gone and when I touched the area it was no longer raised. 

Also, when the leader got up to pray for me, he mentioned improved relationship with eldest daughter. Refer above...I never told him my eldest was a girl. Wow..the work of the Holy Spirit! Praise the Lord!

🌿 But today it is not about MY HEALING but about my cousin FEI. He would have been 39 today. You see, today is HIS BIRTHDAY.

In the beginning if you mentioned any of my relatives that passed of #leukemia to me, I would have turned into a basket case, been majorly triggered because it was like a bad foretelling of my future.

Today, I have so much love and gratitue to my family for the support that they have given me. I wonder if you guys remember hanging out in Ah Kong's house every Sunday with as much fondness as me. Anyway, I am so sorry I could not talk to so many of you especially when I was first diagnosed. Speaking to you reminded me of Aunty Sally, Irene and Fei. I just couldn't.

The loss of a loved one is never an easy one but especially the loss of a child. Something about passing before your time. 


It's also about compassion and not taking things for granted

Aunty Honey to me -

Leanna, today is Fei's birthday. Your father took this photo of him with Keisha 2 weeks before he returned to Our Father in Heaven.

My cousin Fei was full of life. Actually I am pretty sure my description of him does not do him justice. I try...Fyi - Keisha is my youngest child, now 17.

Fei Fei - Always the life of the party, lots of friends because he just had this effect on people around him, infectious laughter, beautiful inside and out, kind, always never hesitating to help his friends or family. Gone way too soon. He was 20? Barely begun his life.

He didn't actually pass from Leukemia. He died of an infection...so sad.

❤️ When times are hard...Hugs from Heaven ❤️

Lean not on what is humanly possible but in all ways lean on God Above.

From my Aunty Honey - God is good. We know He sends the Holy Spirit to lead us through these moments with His presence and peace. In God we trust. Amen.

Yes Amen to that.

So what's it about?

Not taking things for granted

🌿 Life is precious. I want to do things that actually mean something. For the first time in my life, I don't want to be striving or running the hustling race anymore but to do things with purpose in mind. I feel I owe it to Fei, Aunty Sally and Irene to live a life worth living? If that makes any sense to you.

🌿 Run the right race in your life. Me? I run God's race. I'm concerned that whatever I do is pleasing in HIS eyes.

🌿 I am good. In more ways than one! 

There was someone who told me about some stem cell product that helped someone else and I told that person I did not need it, I am in remission. So please, do not offer me any of your well intended remedies. I acknowledge your good intentions. If I need something I will definately put it out to the Universe. Meanwhile, I am truly GOOD. Thank you.




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