CNY Homecoming Countdown Take 2!


❤️ IN FLOW ❤️

This year I am kind of letting things unfold naturally instead of making them happen myself. 

So thanks for everyone who has been so concerned fo me. Sending love to you too! I get to go back for reunion dinner later...

I wasn't sure of the exact time I got to go back but the important thing is I got to go. 

Going back always has 2 sides to it. I really look forward to going and then I really look forward to returning to hospital.  

It's a mixture of anxiousness, excitement, and happiness - no wonder I feel tired by 9pm!

Everytime I go back I am reminded that new adjustments always need to be made, teens to be made more aware instead of depending on mummy to do things for them...and in general it is just a little bitter sweet. 

Tonight a wise someone told me - you do the best that you can do. 😘😘😘

My woosa moment!

Anyway, this is my "looking forward to home face" below! Haha!

Note the fashion bracelet I wear ya?

Looking forward to going home for CNY face 2022


Every year since I can remember, my mom would prepare a huge huge pot of chap chye on the eve of CNY. Then when she fell ill with herpes encephilitis about 3 or 4 years ago, I took over. So yearly CNY lunch affair would be cantonese chap chye, fresh steamed fish, ngoh hiang and other yummies made by yours truly. 

This year I will not be the one making lunch at home. But still, I went home today to sort the CNY lunch menu for them tomorrow. 

Sort of like role reversal but yet not quite? and little steps...

See pic of pre-fried ingredients for chap chye below

Fried chap chye ingredients

And pic of my very first meal back home CNY 2022 Eve below

The yearly highlight!

Every minute counts!

My CNY Neutropenic dinner...

consisted of taking the ingredients from the steamboat and doing my own little version, in my own little pot - all while family does the usual steamboat. Just to be doubly sure I avoid the double dipping and risks that come with it. But it is really about being back with my kids and parents that matter most? 


Friendships and relationships nicely rekindled and some new ones too...very nice...

Isn't there a saying about when you are in difficulty or something...that is when you see who your true friends are? Something like that...I'm so glad for those relationships. You know who you are!

Plus the silent whispers in your heart suddenly become very clear!


It's like a whole new me being remade. Even the blood inside me is "new". I have a new hair and image...and even the style of my clothes has changed! I find that I am more in sync with my inner self. More harmony and energy with the real me. 

Gan bei!


Maybe got fashion

👆  Btw this is how I down shots in the hospital! 👆 

Non alcoholic gargle! Wahahaha!


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Simply love reading your sharing.
Happy New Tiger Year to you and your family. May this Tiger 🐅 year brings you better health and happiness in whatever you do. 🍊🍊GONG XI FA CAI 🍊🍊

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