CNY Home coming Countdown with LEAN! TAKE 1


A friend suggested that I share my process leading up to going home for CNY reunion dinner and for CNY in general. Hence this update.

I thought it would be quite fitting to also show you some of the art processes that went into my first commissioned art work. 

Loose Floral Pinks and Whites...Mixed Media


- first would be completing round 3 of chemo. I described it as a really really bad hangover from the night before. Although I probably make it sound too's anything but easy ya. 

- Second is my commissioned art piece. Who would have thought someone in hospital can create art and sell it. Wow...pat on own back...yeah! A few people I want to credit. Firstly to my art mentor Barry for always encouraging me to paint more. Secondly to the people around me. My Doctor...he's very concerned that I keep myself "occupied". I wonder if he secretly had a meeting with my Dad because they share the same concern! My nurses ... always helping me fetch things and take things...

*Disclaimer - I do not have a favourite nurse...everyone is my fave! Haha!

1st Commissioned Watercolour Artwork

I wanted to highlight that I had only taken a few odd art lessons 6 years back but never learnt art formally. Prior to getting sick I was a Culinary Nutrition Coach and I mainly taught people how to eat healthy and also to eat healthy but yummy food. You could say that food creation was a very big part of what I did. 

So fast forward to 2022...I'm into my 3rd hospital stay...I am not in the kitchen anymore.

I traded my spatula for a paintbrush...for now...

Crossing fingers and toes...I have met many people on my journey who inspire and encourage me to carry on. 

I think God knows me only too well.

He put me in a position where I am "forced" to focus on him instead of focusing on the never ending to do list, meetings and such!

 FYI go to  to view the video of my art process!



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