7 Tips to make the WELLNESS RESET Journey Easier

What is a Wellness Reset?

Every now and again, we need to detox and clear toxins and junk that have accumulated in our body through years of eating processed food, gluten, dairy and sugary sweet drinks. Not to mention the heavy metal toxicity that is in our bodies.  The list may differ for different people but you get the picture. So we are using these 7 days as a way to fast from all these bad things. It is not necessarily a means to lose weight fast and nor is it a fasting diet but yes, weight loss is often one of the benefits of the process. So is better skin and mental clarity, better bowel movement, more energy and a spring in your step. So below I give you 7 Steps that will ease you into the programme. Enjoy!

1. Tell people around you are going on a reset. This is so that people around you, especially colleagues and family members, will not tempt you with macdonalds, nasi briyani, bubble tea and curry puffs. Get them on the salad bar eating bandwagon or the juicing trend together instead.

2. Start your reset on a good week. Meaning one where you know you don’t have any major events or commitments. Like birthdays, weddings and other food related functions. Having said that, there is also no “best” time to start a Reset. Life happens all the time and we just have to adjust as we go along.

3. Wean off some types of food even a few days BEFORE the reset, such as caffeine, dairy products, alcohol, processed food, sugary drinks and refined starches such as white rice and yellow noodles.  This is to minimise any withdrawal symptoms that you might have the first few days.

4. Stock up on the foods that you need as well as clear away those foods that might tempt you when you start, a few days before the start date.

5. When you drink the blended juices, CHEW the juices to ‘trick’ the brain into believing you are eating food. Yeah, it worked. Chew your food mindfully and remember to breathe!

6. Get some favourite gear to kick start the journey. For example, new workout clothes, a new water bottle or glass for the lemon water. Some form of motivation.

7. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE with lots of water, and have LOTS of rest. Cut down on being overly hectic. Do not overpack your schedule with appointments. You may find yourself having more time to do things you wanted to do… journal, meditate, and turn in early, like at 10pm.



$155 (Original price $310) 

Inclusive of:

  1. E-materials
  2. Online group coaching and support
  3. 30 minutes private coaching worth $75


$225 (Original Price $350)

Inclusive of:

  1.  Starter box with seasonal goodies to kickstart your journey
  2.  zoom sessions
  3.  Facebook Group Support
  4.  Online group coaching
  5.  60 minutes private coaching worth $150

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