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Who am I? My story?

My story

Streamline the mental chatter!

Be someone that you love to be physically, emotionally, mentally and holistically.  

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It was what I really needed.

Before I came to Leanna, I had struggled with poor eating habits. So even though I went to the gym in the mornings, I never really lost any weight. Being on TLS 21 days with Leanna I lost 2.6kg. Leanna is very encouraging. I like how she helped me simplify how to prepare my meals and how to get around my every Sunday family meals which are usually a big eating out session.  I would definitely recommend Leanna as a coach. She was strict and encouraging at the same time.
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Rosalind Lee

A Wonderful Ending

It was a torturous start to a wonderful ending... The program was such that one had to eat a lot of veg on a daily basis, together with what started out as torturous workouts but in the end, it was worth it because Leanna helped me make the transition and encouraged me through the process.
Couldn’t have done it without her.
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Jasper Koh